New Product Spotlight: Eaton Plug-on Neutral Loadcenters

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You Spoke, Eaton Listened

Designed with feedback from you, Eaton has released the all new Plug-on Neutral Loadcenters & Circuit Breakers. The product line offers improved safety, easier installation and a clean, more professional look & feel.

Features & Benefits

Read on to find out some of the features & benefits of the new Eaton Plug-on Neutral Loadcenters.

• Redesigned the BR electronic breakers into a short-body to optimize gutter space and save time with an easier, more succinct installation process
• Unique selfleveling tabs to allow for quick drywall offset
• Added keyhole hanging feature on cover for ease of installation
• Common drive types on screw connections for added simplicity and convenience
• Inboard neutral to increase the gutter space for easier installation of conductors
• Upgraded to embossed circuit numbers for a more clean and professional look



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