Top 5: Apps for EC’s

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top 5 apps
Are you considering taking a more digital APProach to your business? Check out some of the top ranked apps electrical contractors swear by!

1. Ugly’s Electrical References

$12.99 iOS | Android
For more than 35 years, Ugly’s Electrical References has been the choice reference for electrical professionals everywhere. Enjoy the same reliable and comprehensive information you depend on easier than ever! Updated to reflect the changes to the 2020 NEC, you’ll find conversion tables, mathematical formulas, wiring configurations, conduit resources and more.


2. QuickBend: Conduit Bending

$3.99 iOS | Android
Looking for a fast, intuitive conduit bending calculator? Check out Quickbend. Easily select between different types of benders and choose the size of the shoe and conduit type. Offering you the most accurate measurements using the Centerline Radius Algorithm based upon the bender you are using.


3. Feet and Inches Calculator

Free! iOS | Android
Seamlessly convert measurements across all units with this VERY handy app. Input feet, inches, meters, centimeters, or even millimeters for precise calculations. There is even a fraction column which gets as clear-cut as x/64. Compared to alternative feet and inches calculators, this one has a dual panel to allow you to see everything at once.


4. Southwire Conduit Fill Calc

Free! iOS | Android
The Southwire Conduit Fill Calc app provides quick and easy navigation. Enter the Conduit Type and Size and specify your conductors. The app will calculate the Conduit Fill % as per NEC Guidelines. ‘Nuff said.


5. Mike Holt’s Electrical Toolbox

Free! iOS | Android
Mike Holt, an electrical industry leader ( has created an app for the electrician, inspector, instructor, contractor and engineer. The app contains conductor sizing (including voltage drop limitations), circuit protection sizing, race sizing, equipment grounding conductor sizing for electric heating equipment (commercial and Residential), air-conditioning equipment (commercial and Residential), motors (commercial and Residential), Transformers (commercial), and dwelling-unit service calculations and sizing.