Top 5: Tips to Keep EC’s Organized

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When you are part of a small business, you wear multiple hats, maybe even to the point where you’re adding shoes and jackets, too. As crucial as it is to stay organized, for some it may feel like an unattainable feat. Read on to check out our tips to keep your business in order this year.

There’s an App for That

Utilizing your smart phone for as much of your business will keep help you prepared whether you’re on the jobsite or in the office. First off, find a good calendar app, one with the option of syncing with other users so everyone knows where they need to be. It may be hard to get into, but this truly is such a useful tool you’ll be thankful once it becomes habit. Next, if you’re looking for keeping documents with you no matter where you are, try a good scanner app like Adobe Scan. This app uses your camera to capture a copy of a document and convert into a PDF file. Though for important documents, you should always keep a physical copy somewhere safe. Finally for keeping track of all your to-do’s we like Trello, a Kanban-style list-making app. It will allow you to organize and prioritize your projects, in a simple, clean format.

Stick With What You Know

It’s okay to admit you need help. Your time is important so figure out what tasks you can handle and what tasks you may need to outsource. Whether it’s bookkeeping, marketing or administrative duties, there’s a company out there who can do what you need done at a price that makes sense. You may spend a little extra but it will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Keep it Clean & Organized

Whether your main workspace is your work truck, your extra bedroom, or a full on office with a big window and everything, take the time every night to straighten it up. Coming in to a messy space, especially on a Monday is recipe for some serious anxiety. Before you clock out, rid your workspace of trash and get yourself set up for success. For paperwork, try utilizing bins or folders in a plastic filing box with 3 categories: “Needs Attention”, “Work in Progress” and “Finished Work.” Each evening separate items into these 3 categories, filing away finished work weekly in a central storage location.

Out of Hand Emails

Inboxes can become a source of stress for anyone in any industry. They always end up unorganized and overstuffed. If you’re like me, you probably are pretty weary about deleting any emails period. But just keep them organized. It’s as simple as utilizing one folder of “keepers” for all old conversations. Only utilize the trash folder for promotional emails or junk mail. You can also utilize the “Flag” tool if something needs to be followed up on ASAP.

Write it Down

Before you head home for the day, write down the 5 most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow. There can always be more, but try to limit it to your top 5 priorities. Whether it’s pen and paper or in a note app, getting it off your mind will help keep you organized and your stress levels in check.

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