Workplace Eye Wellness Month

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Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Did you know over 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day with 10-20% resulting in temporary or permanent vision loss? Experts believe the right eye protection could have lessened or prevented 90% of these injuries. That’s why named March the Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Read our tips below to do your part in preventing workplace eye injuries this month and beyond!

1. Assess & Address

Determine when and where you and your employees should be wearing protective eye wear. Typically these are instances where flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, chemical gases or vapors, or potentially injurious light radiation are involved. Carefully examine work areas and equipment for potential hazards as well any previous places where injuries may have occurred. Review industry requirements for eye & face protection here.

2. Lead by Example

Whether its management or employees make sure everyone is doing their part in supporting eye safety by wearing eye protection when and where it’s needed, every time. Create or review your current eye safety policy and hold a meeting with your employees to discuss it. Be sure to post the policy and regularly remind staff to review it.

3. Dress for Success

Choose protective eye wear for every specific hazard or duty you and your employees will encounter. Make sure it is OSHA approved.

4. Emergency Preparedness

Accidents happen and what comes next can make all the difference. Set up first-aid procedures for eye injuries including eyewash stations and train your staff basic first aid.

5. Keep Your Eye on Digital

Digital eye strain and discomfort are becoming more and more common in the workplace. Digital screens emit blue light. This blue light may affect your vision, causing premature aging to your eyes. While digital eye strain is a mild annoyance, permanent retina damage and age-related macular degeneration are both not to be taken lightly. If you use a computer more than 6 hours a day, consider reviewing your workspace ergonomics, taking regular screen breaks and even purchasing blue light blocking glasses.

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