Current Openings at Cardello

Why Join Cardello?

Cardello Lighting & Electric Supply isn’t just a company, we are a family. And this family has the essential duty of providing our clients with the products they need to power and empower our surrounding communities. Our mission is to create an environment in which our customers want to shop and our employees want to work. Experience is not always a requirement but we need those with a great attitude, an attention to detail and a desire to learn the electrical distribution industry. Whether you are entry-level or executive, you can feel confident in knowing that you are applying for more than a job – it’s a career.

What is an Electrical Distributor?

While many of our staff have worked as electrician’s or studied in the trade, some have just had the right attitude and the willingness to learn when they were hired. So for those who have no clue what we do, here’s a brief overview. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879 and within a few years, electrical distributors were opened to sell the light bulbs and help create the world’s first electrical systems. As these electrical systems grew across the states, so did the need for electrical distributors to warehouse, deliver, finance and sell electrical supplies. The basic principals of an electrical distributor remain the same to this day. Though now we have computers and no one wears top hats (for the most part). Our job is to get the right products at right price, right on time and do it more efficiently than our competitors.

Career Openings

There are a wide range of positions at our lighting showrooms and electrical counters throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, as well as our corporate headquarters located in Pittsburgh’s North Shore. We offer all eligible full-time employees opportunities for growth as well as a highly-competitive benefits plan. These benefits are focused on the health, financial well-being and work-life balance of our staff.

If you’re looking for a bright future, say “hello” to Cardello!

No current openings? Looking for something else? Email us your resume with the position you are interested in and we’ll check if there is a career opportunity with your name on it!