Residential Energy Saving Tips

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Residential Energy Saving Tips

While the majority of our electrical counter visitors are industry professionals, we do enjoy helping Weekend Warriors and DIY’ers just the same. So most don’t know the value of buying genuine, premium quality electrical products that can literally transform your residential energy bills (which seem to keep going up lately don’t they?!). Check out some of our below tips to start saving on your next electricity bill or visit a local Cardello Electrical Counter to work with one of factory-trained counter sales pros.

Light Bulbs

“Yes, we get it, LED’s save energy.” Okay, but how many of you still have incandescent bulbs installed throughout your home? “But they all look blue, it’s like hospital lighting.” That’s because you probably bought off-brand light bulbs or you selected the wrong color temperature. You always want to purchase light bulbs from a reputable brand! If you’re looking looking for that nice warm, incandescent like hue, look for 2700K to 3000K color temperature bulbs. As far as brands, we recommend TCP & Satco light bulbs time and time again. Both companies produce affordable, long-lasting, high quality light bulbs with accurate color temperatures and measurable energy savings. So before condemning LEDs and thinking they are all the same, please try a quality brand LED and see the difference for yourself.


Dimmers work similar to a regular light switch. However, instead of just off and on you have the option to customize the amount of power being sent to the fixture and therefor the amount of light being produced. Dimmers typically work well with most incandescent and LED bulbs. Check fluorescent bulbs to see if they are rated as “dimmable” prior to installing. Light fixtures with integrated LED light sources rather that separate bulbs will need to be verified as dimmable by checking the manufacturer specifications. Dimming lights saves energy as well as prolongs the life of the individual light bulb(s) being powered. Plus, it allows you to take your space from task-oriented to entertaining to winding down. Consider illuminating bathrooms and hallways with dimmers for late night trips safely with enough light to see without disorienting.

Occupancy Sensors

While some view occupancy sensors as a commercial product, you might be surprised how useful they are in residential applications. Think about not only turning off lights (garage, closet, kid’s bathroom etc.) when you leave but lights you wish would turn on automatically when you enter, usually with your hands full (laundry, basement stairs, attic/crawlspace, etc.) Most occupancy sensors have two settings, occupancy and vacancy. Occupancy is entirely automatic, on when they sense movement and off, shortly after no movement is sensed. Vacancy would be used for lights you want to turn on manually but shut off when movement is no longer sensed (yay no longer yelling at your kids/spouse/roommate/self to shut off the lights!)

Ceiling Fans

“But it’s winter….” Ceiling fans are still useful in winter! If you reverse the fan to run clock-wise it will force warm air down from your ceiling. And yes in the summer, they create a wind chill like effect that cools your skin even though it doesn’t change the temperature of the room. So either way install ceiling fans. We happen to have a great selection of ceiling fans on display at our Lighting Showrooms in Canonsburg & Cranberry Township, PA.

State and Federal Energy Residential Rebates

Did you know you could eligible to receive rebates or tax credits simply by becoming more energy efficient? Search the
Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency ( to explore federal, state and local utility incentives you may qualify to receive!

Other Simple Residential Tips

  • Unplug devices when not in use to end “phantom” energy use because off doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not still utilizing power
  • Working from home? Make sure to utilize a power strip with your computer, monitor and printer and turn it off when not in use
  • Natural light is a beautiful thing, skip the lamp and open the blinds!
  • There are loads of ways to save on your electricity bills, everything from Energy-Star appliances, programmable thermostats, replacing old insulation, the list goes on. For more resources on saving on your energy bill, other than how Cardello can assist you, view this helpful Energy Saver Guide from the U.S. Department of Energy.


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